Friday, January 13, 2012

"Play Time"

More photos of our wonderful vacation!

"Play Time"

My hubby and I LOVE the islands in the Caribbean. We have island hopped on big cruise ships a few times. The weather is always gorgeous, the water is amazingly beautiful and the local bars/food joints are right up our alley. Nothing like sitting at an outdoor, beach front bar where Santa is propped up among the limes & oranges. Christmas trees in the sand are so cool, with huge conch shells underneath them. We saw some really big iguanas hanging out by the restaurant's outdoor cooker...YUM YUM! The snorkeling was definitely in the top joke.....Grand Turk has a 7000 ft dropoff with the most colorful fish I have ever seen. We saw our first ever full rainbow coming into St. Martin. We rented a car and toured the island, stopping to hop over to Pinel Island for sun, swimming, eating & drinking. St. Thomas has breathtaking beaches. We especially liked Sapphire Beach. I am hoping one day to go on our own sailboat.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Log House

I am currently bidding on 23 window blinds for this gorgeous log house. My new son-in-law has been building it and got me the referral. How cool is that? The owners are working a ton to complete the finish work. The windows are trimmed in cedar as well as the mantle piece and the loft beams. The guy found a large cedar tree knocked down from Hurricane Irene and had it cut up.....really gorgeous. Check out the rock. We don't have rock around this neck of the woods. It is so pretty. I will get more photos when it is done. ENJOY!