Saturday, October 27, 2012


I LOVE to tackle projects I have never done before. No joke. It is so much fun to be challenged. I watch the HGTV channel like most people watch soap operas. I just can't get enough. Recently, a good friend gave me a chair that had been in her family for 3 generations. It was beat to a pulp, outside, and needed lots of TLC. With my great friends from the CHFA school I decided to revamp the chair. After working on it for hours and hours and hours I decided to keep it for myself. I rubbed 4 coats of tongue oil into the wood, removed the existing rotting wood seat and rusted springs. I think it turned out super. I was also asked to recover a cornice board for a gal that had very little fabric. I had to piece the fabric together and there are 4 seams....and even one of them is horizontal! I can't find them so I'm sure you can't either....LOL.

PUPS, PUPS and more PUPS!

Most of you know that I am a HUGE dog and cat lover. I have owned dogs & cats my whole life. When our last precious angel died she was 13 years old. Our beloved golden retriever was named Honey Bear. Our daughter saved her money for 5 years to buy her when she was in middle school. When she died in 2010 I decided to help with fostering and rescue. Here are a couple of great family pups I recently met. Gus is the yellow lab. I met the English Bulldog at the Grove Park in Asheville, NC. Love these fellas. The Lynx Point Siamese is Sissy and she belongs to me :)


Things have been super busy around here. My first grandchild was born 6 months ago, I have moved my shop back into my Lake Waccamaw home, and I have been hired by the CHFA in Charlotte as an Instructor. If you don't know about CHFA then you must google them asap! They are the ONLY drapery workroom school in the country. That's right. AND....they are located in Charlotte, NC. It seems like I have been wanting to teach there for eons and it finally came to fruition this year. Yea, me! I am scheduled to teach 8 classes in 2013. One is Outdoor Living (cushions, grill covers, outdoor grommet panels) and the other is Marine Upholstery. Please take a look at their website and attend a class. You will be so glad you did. Here are a few photos of my students this year.