Saturday, October 27, 2012


I LOVE to tackle projects I have never done before. No joke. It is so much fun to be challenged. I watch the HGTV channel like most people watch soap operas. I just can't get enough. Recently, a good friend gave me a chair that had been in her family for 3 generations. It was beat to a pulp, outside, and needed lots of TLC. With my great friends from the CHFA school I decided to revamp the chair. After working on it for hours and hours and hours I decided to keep it for myself. I rubbed 4 coats of tongue oil into the wood, removed the existing rotting wood seat and rusted springs. I think it turned out super. I was also asked to recover a cornice board for a gal that had very little fabric. I had to piece the fabric together and there are 4 seams....and even one of them is horizontal! I can't find them so I'm sure you can't either....LOL.

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