Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mini Northfield Weekend in New Bern, NC

What a great time we had........10 of us Northfield volunteers reconvening in New Bern, NC last weekend. Went sailing, worked a little in Elaine Hinchman's workroom, toured the town, ate lots, drank lots, laughed lots. SO MUCH FUN! Okay---here's the lowdown on the photos.......all 10 of us. Elaine Hinchman, Beth, Denise (a Pillsbury bake-off finalist), Laurie Canning, Sarah Dunlevy-O'Neill, Nancy Letts, Tommie Timblin, Lorraine, Susan Schurz, and Sue Sifakis. Me donning Elaine's "Jazzy Girl" workroom apron, some of Elaine's gorgeous cornices, don't ask about the next photo, and some of us sailing. Michigan in September.......oh yeah!

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  1. Our weekend in New Bern was so wonderful Lorraine; I still think of it often! Can't wait until our next reunion!